Noah’s Ark & Dinosaurs Faith & Science Fair and Expo!

DECLARE! events presents it’s latest Faith & Science Fair and Expo!

One Day Only, March 30th from 10:30am – 1:30pm

This year we’ll be presenting an array of experiences dealing with life and technology before and after the Great Worldwide Flood of Noah.

Fun for the whole family that will strengthen your Faith in GOD’s Word.

  • Noah’s Ark display 
  • Technology in the ancient world. 
  • Ancient writings and flood legends. 
  • Fossil dig. Keep what you find!
  • Open ended art center. 
  • Geology and the flood. 
  • Sensory center. 
  • Open ended Playmobil area. 
  • Dinosaurs & nature display. 
  • How many of your feet fit in dinosaur footprints? 

Please feel free to print a copy of the flyer below and use it to invite your friends!