Declare! is a ministry designed to help today’s “Millennials” think, live, and act Biblically.
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Herb and Cheryon Unruh

Who We Are

My wife and I have served in Tucson at The Door CFC since 1978.

Since then, between us, we have;

  • assisted in pioneering the Children’s ministry,
  • been children’s worship and choir leader,
  • pioneered the “Faith Roots” preschool ministry,
  • taught seminars on various subjects in Children’s workers Conferences in Prescott,
  • designed and built sets and made costumes for Tucson’s major drama productions.

In our “spare time” we have a ministry that presents HIS~storical re-enactments in schools, churches and at public venues.

I have also lead 2 adult Creation vs. Evolution Sunday Schools.

Teaching Apologetics has been the common thread throughout our 35 years of ministry. We each have a teaching certificate from “Answers in Genesis” a world wide apologetics ministry.

Our passion is for everyone, to live by the infallibility of GOD’s Word
by strengthening their Biblical World View.

Herb & Cheryon Unruh