The Heavens Declare

The heavens ·declare [recount; narrate] the glory [the manifest presence] of God, and the ·skies [firmament; dome; Gen. 1:6] ·announce [speak out] ·what his hands have made [the works of his hands].
Ps. 19:1  EXB

The most common reaction from anyone who sees a starry sky, a beautiful sunset, a gorgeous field of flowers, the majesty of a snow covered mountain is: nature is awe inspiring! But, did nature really create anything? We all instinctively know that God created everything. But man, in his rebellious state seeks to deny that truth, or give God the Glory.


Every year our church gathers for a week long Bible Conference. What a time! Some amazing preaching. Encouraging fellowship with the brethren. Over 2000 people from all over the world come together around the Word of God. Many missionary works are launched out of these weeks. Powerful!

You know, the thing I enjoy the most about our fellowship is: our headship’s commitment to the absolute authority of the Word of God.

The Bible doesn’t contain the Word of God.
The Bible is not the Words of Men or contain the Words of Men.
The Bible does not become the Word of God as you read it.

The Bible is the Word of God. God breathed His life into His Word. That’s why it is so powerful.

God is also the author of science. Someone one said “Science is thinking God’s thoughts after Him.”

You know, God ‘invented’ gravity. God set the speed of light. God created H2O that sustains life. God gave us DNA with all of its amazing, unfathomable secrets. It’s Gods universe!! That’s why He is the authority.

And because God is the author of the Word, and the giver of life, as believers we must be committed to the absolute authority of the Word of God.

So, the next time you look up at the heavens, remember whose hands made them. And give Him the Glory!

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