God’s Word is the Key

Understanding God’s intent in the Bible is the “key” to unlocking the mysteries of science.

Have you ever wondered if the Bible speaks about science, or if the Bible’s version of scientific principles is “medieval”? You know…flat earth, sun orbits the earth, etc. Many people think that about the Bible. “Science is constantly updating itself, so a book written thousands of years ago must be hopelessly out of date, right?”

But, there are many passages in the Bible that didn’t make sense, until they were “unlocked” by modern science.

Consider: “He stretcheth out the heavens like a garment”. Until modern telescopes, we didn’t understand that the universe is constantly expanding. Gods Word was right from the beginning. Man had to catch up.

Or how about this: God instructed the Jews to circumcise their sons on the 8th day. Why wait till then? We now know that the clotting agent in our blood – vitamin K – doesn’t form in a babies body until the 7th day. So God’s Word was scientifically correct!

Columbus said that he got his idea that the earth was round from the verse in the Bible that says “God sits on the circle of the earth”.

Once again, God’s Word is scientifically correct.

Does that mean that we just blindly believe everything the Bible says? Well, we can have faith that the Author of the Bible, Almighty God, knows the truth about all things, and He can never lie. So, we can trust the Bible, but we also know that we can test the Bible. And the Bible will always come up the winner.

So, the key to science is found in the Word of the Creator of the Universe.

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